We're a pretty big deal

Since 1971, Sparks Research continues to translate marketing research findings into marketplace solutions for its clients, which include Fortune 100 global companies and leading national and regional companies in such industries as financial services, retail, automotive, professional services, utilities, higher education, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing and general services industries. We think and operate like we are extensions of your staff.  We are fast but never at the expense of accuracy or faulty methodology.  As time is everyone’s irreplaceable resource, our processes are designed to save you time and time is money.  

We collect data with the best of them, but it's what we do with it that sets us apart.


Our secret sauce:
The Bayesian Feedback Loop



The key objective here is to work to achieve clarity about our purpose and objectives.


Our Design phase hinges on the idea of a complex adaptive approach utilizing Bayesian principles.


We enter this phase with a hypothesis or theory, if not multiple of either, usually supported by prior data or experiential observation.


In our Delivery of learning outcomes, we adhere to our principles of business intelligence discussed prior, in that of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive.

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